Sunday, 17 October 2010

Another Day In Brazil

I was in my high school at the time, and really needed to pee, like oh my god my bladder is going to explode or some shit nigger.

So I went to the bathroom, now you know what school bathrooms are like, but this one isn't half bad: There are a bunch of private stalls where one can take a shit in peace, there is almost always paper to wipe your ass with and hell, there is even a handicapped stall, shit's tight.

So I walk into this place, head into the main shit hall and BAM, a fucking poop right in the middle of the place.

Imagine this hall, stalls to your left, urinators to your front, sinks to your right and a big pile of dark brown shit in the middle of it all, for all to see.

This should be a quite disconcerting sight for any and all people, and it was, but I had no doubt in my mind as to who did it as I walked hastly out of the bathroom. Informatic students.

Informatic is a common techincal course kids take in Brazil so they can work with IT and simple code, and they are invariably the most vile people in the planet. To take shits in the middle of hallways is but a common rite to them.

So, the reason that I tell you of this tale is this. If you ever need to deal with IT or code people, do ask for their nationality, and if they are Brazilian just hang up and find another person to help you, trust me.

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